Top 5 Bob Marley Songs

In today’s blog, we’re tackling a controversial subject: determining what the top five Bob Marley songs are. Here at MoBay Car Rental in Montego Bay, we understand that Marley’s music is the number one thing people think of when they think of Jamaica. And even if you’ve never visited our island, you probably know a song or two from this pioneer of reggae. We’re proud to claim him as one of our own, and he’s a global symbol of our Jamaican culture and identity.

Not only is Bob Marley still one of the world’s most popular musicians, he also advocated for the rights of oppressed people and spoke up against poverty. In this way his music has become timeless, and speaks to people across country lines. So when you fly into MoBay, utilize our airport pickup service, and take your rental car out on the road, crank up the music and savor Jamaica. Continue reading for our top five songs and let us know what we’ve missed! 


This song always puts us in a good mood when we hear it here at Timeless MoBay Car Rental! It’s a classic Reggae song, which is why we’ve started off our list with it. Listen to it here.

Redemption Song

This song is one of Bob Marley’s most popular, and inspiring, songs. The song is timeless, and reminds listeners “none but ourselves can free our mind.” It’s said that Marley wrote it after he was diagnosed with cancer and considering his own mortality. Listen to Redemption Song here.

Three Little Birds

This happy, feel good song is often called “Don’t Worry About a Thing” or “Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright,” but real Marley lovers know that it’s real name is “Three Little Birds.” Word is that it’s inspired by birds that used to sit near Marley’s home. Listen on YouTube here.

Buffalo Soldier

This classic Marley song refers to the black U.S. cavalry regiments who fought in the Indian Wars after 1866. Marley uses their fight to talk more broadly about black people’s fight for survival in the Americas and the oppression that continues to this day. It’s a protest song that signifies black resistance: “stolen from Africa, brought to America / fighting on arrival, fighting for survival.” Listen on YouTube here.

One Love/People Get Ready

If you’re heard only one Bob Marley song, it’s this one! You know it, hum along as we close out our blog post:

One love, one heart

Let’s get together and feel all right

Bob Marley brought reggae music to the world, and inspired other musicians and artists of all kinds. We love when people visiting Jamaica come knowing Marley and leave listening to other new, living artists.

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