+ Free VIP Pickup

How fast is it?

Customers love VIP Airport Pickup because it rarely takes more than fifteen minutes. Much of that time is spent on your walk-around inspection of the car.

Can I make it faster?

Efficiency expert? No problem. Here’s how you can speed the car rental process up:

  • Keep your phone in hand and set to vibrate so you won’t miss our call(s).
  • Store your driver’s license and credit card together (eg. as the only items in your top pocket) for instant access.
  • Speed up your walk-around and interior check of the rental car by making a phone video while you look. That way rushing won’t risk your own peace of mind.
  • Let us know ASAP if you’re delayed or running ahead of schedule. MoBay car rental is flexible-flexible-flexible and will always aim to sync with your schedule.

Will you know exactly where to find me?

We know the region like the back of our hands. But if it will ease your mind, enable “Location” on your smartphone and use a geolocation app like What3Words to tell us your coordinates anywhere in the Montego Bay region. The code below, for example, will guide our agent to a specific spot (roughly 10 sq ft) in the pick-up area for arriving passengers at Sangster International Airport (MBJ).

What’s the big deal?

Book a Timeless VACATION HOME right here in Montego Bay. In a word, convenience. We examined the typical car-rental and airport pickup experience and saw room for improvement. At MBJ airport, for instance, it used it be: clear customs; search for an office; join a slow line; complete a transaction; search for a parking lot; join another line; show a receipt; walk to a rental car — sometimes with luggage/children/companions in tow and always exposed to the risk of a downpour while trudging across multiple pickup lanes. (MBJ has no sheltered parking lots.)

We offer punctual airport pickup at the exit right after you clear customs.

Can I get VIP Airport Pickup anywhere?

Free VIP Airport Pickup is available at:

  • ALL RESORTS — all hotels, villas and guest houses in the region of Montego Bay that are approved by the Jamaica Tourist Board or run by an AirBnB SuperHost. Along the north coast, we’ll go as far as
    • Greenwood on the border of St James and Trelawny parishes, 20 km (12 miles) to the east; and
    • Great River on the border of St James and Hanover parishes, 15 km (9 miles) to the west.
  • ALL PORTS — we’ll be there whether you arrive by land (Knutsford Express luxury coach terminals in Montego Bay), sea (MoBay Yacht Club or Montego Freeport) or air (Sangster International Airport, MBJ, in the heart of the city of Montego Bay, St. James).
  • LOTS OF OTHER SPOTS — If you need a rental car and you know where you are, call (876) 430 7334 to find out if we offer service in that area. If you’re not sure about the directions, you could use the What3Words app  [iOS or Android] to give us your location so we can answer you more quickly.

What about VIP Return?

VIP Return works just like the pickup. We really appreciate you getting in touch if anything about your schedule becomes uncertain—even before you know what the new drop off time will be.