What To Eat In Jamaica

One of the best ways to experience a culture is through food. That’s why today’s blog post is devoted to a few of our favorite Jamaican staples, like ackee, roasted breadfruit, and callaloo. Our island has a lot to offer — including a diverse and delicious local cuisine. Everyone loves jerk chicken, but here at Timeless MoBay Car Rental, we know that there’s so much more food to explore and devour while you’re here! Continue reading to learn a few of our favorite dishes, and when you visit, be sure to book your airport pickup in Montego Bay with our friendly professionals!

Ackee and Saltfish

This national dish of Jamaica is made with ackee (the national fruit of Jamaica) and dried and salted cod, aptly named saltfish. Before modern refridgeration, Jamacians preserved codfish with salt and it became a staple of the Jamaican diet. 


Bammy is one of the oldest prepared foods here on our island, and it’s a flat, found bread made of cassava flour. It’s usually served with fried fish, but it complements any dish. 

Rice and Peas

This is a mainstay dish, and it’s made with coconut milk and seasoning, which, like any good dish, is unique to the chef. You can eat it as a main or a side.

Oxtail Stew

Many people get rid of oxtail, but when cooked properly (long and slow) it makes a complex, delicious stew. You know it’s a good stew when the meat falls of the bone. Oxtail stew is usually eaten with rice and peas or simply white rice, and is made with lima beans, garlic, thyme, and allspice. 

Curry Goat

Jamaican curry is a special thing, especially when combined with slow-cooked goat meat. Curry goat is stewed with potatoes and carrots, along with fresh herbs, to create a rich, thick, classic Jamaican dish. It’s a dish that makes flying to Montego Bay worth it! And after booking your flight, be sure to choose one of Timeless MoBay Car Rental’s vehicles and take advantage of our free airport pickup. 


Callaloo is one of the best, and most iconic, dishes of both Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. There are variants across the islands, and the dish is made with an indigenous leaf vegetable, known to locals as callaloo or callaloo bush. Outside of the Caribbean, water spinach is used. It’s prepared by steaming the callaloo leaf and cooking it with saltfish or mackerel, onions, and other veggies. It’s often served with plantain, bammy, or dumplings. 

Timeless MoBay Car Rental

One of the ways we share our culture with visitors to our island is through food. We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning about a few of our favorite dishes and that when you visit you’ll try one (or all) of them! 
As you plan your trip, and imagine the food you’ll taste while you’re here, be sure to book your airport pickup in Montego Bay with Timeless MoBay Car Rental. We know how stressful traveling can be, and we want to get you into a car and onto the beach as quickly as possible! Choose your car today!