7 Reasons to Visit Jamaica

Looking for a summer vacation destination? If you love learning and exploring new cultures, warm sandy beaches, delicious food, and smooth music, Jamaica is the place to be. A trip from the airport in Montego Bay to the Blue Mountains National Park on the eastern end of the island takes just three hours in a rental car. Take your time to stop and explore the local food or hide away in a resort, you won’t be disappointed in this decision. If beaches and resorts aren’t reason enough, here are seven reasons to visit this Caribbean island. If you need a car rental, reserve yours today at Timeless MoBay Car Rental.


After a long flight, you might be in need of some local food to nourish your body. Jerk chicken may be the popular and well-known choice, but don’t stop there. Ackee and saltfish is a traditional Jamaican dish that will satisfy your hunger. Traditionally served as a breakfast meal, ackee is a buttery fruit, similar to hearts of palm and the saltfish is typically a codfish. Be sure to eat some fried plantains or various other fresh fruit available. Your tastebuds won’t be disappointed.

Car RentalMusic

If you happen to visit Negril while on your stay, you might venture into some live music events. Reggae music has its roots in Jamaica so we hope you like Bob Marley, Lone Ranger, and Ini Kamoze. You might not go a day without hearing reggae music at a local bar, on the beach, or at a festival.

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Music and food is an essential part of the Jamaican culture, but don’t be fooled in thinking that that is all they have. Jamaica is passionate about their language, clothing, religion, dance, and literature. Many of these go hand in hand, so listen to music and dance with the locals. Experience the clothing when you talk to the locals in their native “language.” English is the official language but has a mix of Spanish, African, and even Rastafarian. Don’t be afraid to jump in.


Being an island, Jamaica obviously has some of the best beaches. Take a walk on the sandy beach in Trelawny on the north coast of Jamaica. If you want to stay close to Montego Bay, visit Doctor’s Cave Beach. To get away, visit Beaches Negril, Bluefields Beach on the southwest end, or Boston Beach at the East end for some great surfing.

car rental companiesWeather

There are rainy seasons in Jamaica, in May and then October through November. However, the rest of the year usually sees sun and heat. Probably the best time to visit Jamaica is between January and March, after hurricane season but before the heat becomes too intense. April through June temperatures range from the 70s to high 80s but can be a little rainy. If you love warm beaches, you can’t go wrong.


If you want to explore away from the beaches, the interior of the island will satisfy your inner adventurist. Travel off the beaten path to explore and you will find waterfalls galore, rivers and mountain hiking. Even cool off in a limestone cave or cavern. See endless varieties of birds and other animals living in the mountains of Jamaica.


By far, the people will make your visit to Jamaica worth your while. Always hospitable, generous, and inviting, the Jamaican people are hard working and spiritual. Greet people with a handshake and receive a standard response of “Respect”. You won’t leave Jamaica without a deep passion for the people.

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